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Polices and Procedures


At The  Little Village Nursery, we have an open file, which holds all our Polices and Procedures. These are available at any time for you to view.  Please note these are regularly updated.

Equal Opportunities Policy Statement


The  Little Village Nursery is an equal opportunities Nursery, committed to eradicating discrimination and promotion equal opportunities for all. It undertakes to review its polices and practices on a regular basis to ensure they are consistent with equal opportunities objectives.
The nursery aims to offer all children the opportunity to achieve their potential and to show no discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, disability or culture.

Each child is acknowledged as a unique person with an individual personality, learning style and family background.

All interactions with the children are responsive to these individual differences.
All staff are familiar with the Nursery policy regarding Equal Opportunities and are committed to this non-discriminatory practice.

We aim to offer all children in our care the opportunity to experience a variety of multi cultural festivals and celebrations in an attempt to widen their knowledge of the world and its customs.

Quality Standards


The staff of The  Little Village Nursery has devised the following list of standards, which is hoped to achieve and improve upon in order to offer the highest standard of childcare.

  1. The Nursery is to be a safe, caring, interesting, stimulating environment, offering excellent childcare facilities and practice.
  2. The parents are to be made welcome and completely reassures by what they see and how they are consulted. They are to be encouraged to become as involved in the Nursery as their course permits.
  3. Mutual respect between staff and parents is encouraged, allowing a working relationship to develop for the well being of the children. Confidentiality will be respected at all times.
  4. The all round development need of each child will be met and ongoing monitoring of progress will be communicated to the parents.
  5. Activities, learning experience and equipment will reflect the polices of equal opportunities, enabling all children regardless of race, culture, gender, social class and disability to have access to the full curriculum.
  6. Each child is respected as an individual, its dignity, rights and individuality respected and safeguarded.

Treatment For Minor Injuries


All members of staff are accredited First Aiders. First Aid boxes are situated throughout the Nursery. Minor grazes and cuts are cleansed with clean water only. Bumps to the head are treated with a cold compress and witch-hazel, and the child is closely observed to ensure his/her condition does not deteriorate without action being taken. All medicines administered by Nursery Staff must be signed in on a daily basis.Only medicine prescribed by a GP will be administered.

Infectious Diseases/Illness

Your child should not be brought into Nursery if he/she has an infectious disease. If your child feels ill while at Nursery, he/she will be separated from the other children with a member of staff, until the parent/guardian can be contacted. It is important that parents/guardians let us know when their children are absent due to having contracted an infectious illness. This includes head lice. In the event of sickness or diarrhoea children must not return to nursery for 48 hrs, this helps with any spread of infection.


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